Saturday, August 6, 2011


Well, finally getting around to writing my first blog.  Never thought I would be doing this, but yet here I am.  I figured this is a different form of journaling, especially since there won't be many followers, if any at all.  So, here goes nothing......

I absolutely love it when I hear my 4 year old daughter call for me.  "mommmmmmyyyy"  The word 'mommy' is the most heartwarming word in the world.  It fills my heart with warmth and love every single time I hear it.  Its the word itself, the way she says it, knowing that only I will ever answer to that name in her life, knowing the importance the word carries, and knowing 'mommy' means me EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Just one of the many many things I love about being her mom.

BTW - anyone catch the giants/phillies bench clearing action tonight?  At least they gave us something worth watching on the field :)

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