Sunday, August 14, 2011

'Winnie the Pooh'

Today we took our daughter to watch the new 'Winnie the Pooh' movie.  Technically, its not new any longer considering its been out for a month or so.  But, we finally made it and it was worth it.  It was refreshing to watch a kids movie that was actually developed for kids.  I did not leave the theatre worrying about nightmares or monsters in her room tonight, although we are up at least once with her every night anyway :)  That's a whole different post.  The characters were lovable and there is no better seal of approval for a movie than a child laughing out loud and feeling invested in the characters.  My daughter did both.  I can't say the same for our recent viewing of Cars 2.  Too many guns, violence, near death scene of beloved Mater for a 4 year old.  But, Winnie restored my faith in kids movies :)

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